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Cardinal Seán has released a Lenten Letter to the Catholic community in the Archdiocese of Boston. The letter offers a reflection on the just completed Rome Summit to Protect Children...
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St Mary's Cemetery

Operated by Sacred Heart Parish

St. Mary’s Cemetery is an affordable, quaint New England Catholic cemetery of the Archdiocese of Boston, located in historic Middleborough, Massachusetts. Since 1891 St. Mary's Cemetery has provided us an opportunity to show respect for our beloved dead. This lovely, well-visited cemetery offers the perfect setting for families to heal, remember and hope.

St. Mary's Cemetery











Frequently Asked Questions

Who manages St. Mary's Cemetery?
St. Mary's is managed by Sacred Heart Parish in Middleborough, Massachusetts.

Can non-Catholics be buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery?
Yes. Feel free to contact the office for specific questions at 508-947-0444.

Does Catholic religion allow cremation?
Yes, but remember that cremated remains are to be treated with dignity. Ashes should be placed in a worthy vessel and interred or etombed.

Can more than one remain be interred in a lot?
Yes. Up to 3 rights of burial may be purchased per lot. However, due to water table and equipment limitations, only one vault can be accommodated per lot. Additional interments must be cremated remains.

Has St. Mary’s planned for perpetual care?
Yes. 10% of all lot sales are invested in long-term, dividend-yielding investment vehicles with the Archdiocese of Boston.

What are the guidelines and rules at St. Mary’s Cemetery?
St. Mary’s follows the basic guidelines and rules set forth by the Catholic Cemetery Association and the Archdiocese of Boston, which are subject to change periodically. For more specific questions, please call the office at 508-947-0444.


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