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Cardinal Seán has released a Lenten Letter to the Catholic community in the Archdiocese of Boston. The letter offers a reflection on the just completed Rome Summit to Protect Children...
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The First Town Halls!

Harvesters in Christ Kickoff Weekend

Greetings all!

Last weekend, at Sacred Heart we held the first three of our eight town hall meetings. We started during the Mass with a witness talk from a writing team member. Tom Medlar summed up beautifully the loving, but yet sometimes frustrating process of writing a plan with 11 persons differing ideas and personalities . Each representing one of our three faith communities with a love in the Lord and His mission. Eleanor Hurley talked about what seemed a very daunting task at first and eventually turned into our marvelous plan. Eleanor thought, at first, --How are we going to get from the begining to end? But we did! Holly Clark shared a reflection that arose out of praying for the pastoral plan and invited parishioners to become like living stones to share in the work to come.

At the Town Hall Meetings we shared a three minute clip the Fr. John had filmed and a narrated joyously a PowerPoint presentation outlining the details of the plan. Of course we had plenty of time for questions and concerns. Concern for the homebound: How can we connect them better to the parish? Can they offer the parish their living witness? Another theme was that of bereavement- How can we offer, in love, as a parish community, support and comfort to the recently bereaved?

Questions over the nature of evangelization and witnessing to the faith arose. Some present thought it may is 'too Protestant'. Fr. John gently explained that it was WE, the Catholics, that started the evangelization movement! Our plan is centered around evangelization and how each of us can contribute to the mission!

Next weekend we take our presentation to St. Rose of Lima in Rochester, September 19 and 20th, after Masses. All are welcome!


Harvesters in Christ

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