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Cardinal Seán has released a Lenten Letter to the Catholic community in the Archdiocese of Boston. The letter offers a reflection on the just completed Rome Summit to Protect Children...
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Respecting All Life

from Womb to Tomb

The Respect Life Ministry works towards  the sanctity of all life from conception until natural death. This collaborative committee promotes the Respect for Life through public awareness and events geared toward bringing attention to issues that endanger the concept of a dignified life for all. To learn more about the Cranberry Catholic Collaborative's Respect Life Committee, please call the Parish Offices at 508-947-0444 or pick up a bulletin to see the latest!


The info and links below will help all of us to respect all of life's issues:


Project Rachel: For Hope and Healing After Abortion

Project Rachel is a ministry from the Archdiocese of Boston who help women and men heal from the after affects of abortions via talks and retreats. For more info visit their website:

Is Project Rachel for me?

Yes, if you are hurting because of an abortion experience whether you have had an abortion, whether you have helped someone else to obtain one, or whether you have been professionally involved as an abortion advocate or provider.

Yes, if you yearn to be reconciled with yourself, with your unborn children, with the Church and with God.

And yes, if you desire to be made whole again by the power of God's forgiving love.

You are not alone! And you do not have to carry the burden of guilt, grief and alienation any longer.



Baby With Disabilities?

One huge reason a child may be aborted is that the baby may have disabilities. In some corners of the world children with Down's Syndrome are being eradicated. This comes from a mistaken belief that these children will not have a good quality of life or that they will not grow to be functioning adults. God would like to assure us that this is not the case- that babies with disabilities can have a very enriching life, and a faith-filled one at that! The video below is "Maggie's Story" from the National Catholic Partnership on Disability. Maggie has Down's Syndrome and her love of life is infectious!




To Live Each Day with Dignity: Assisted Suicide




Those with Disabilities Have a Part in this World

You who have disabilities have so much to teach me and others, by your example, about faith and courage, about patience and perseverance, about compassion and sensitivity. You also have a duty, as do all members of the Church, to do the Lord’s work in the world, according to your God-given talents and capacity. - Bishop Rhoades at the Mass for persons with disabilities on Respect Life Sunday, October  6, 2013. (more)

End of Life Issues - Palliative Care

“Palliative care is an expression of the truly human attitude of taking care of one another, especially of those who suffer. It is a testimony that the human person is always precious, even if marked by illness and old age. Indeed, the person, under any circumstances, is an asset to him/herself and to others and is loved by God. This is why, when their life becomes very fragile and the end of their earthly existence approaches, we feel the responsibility to assist and accompany them in the best way.”  ~ Pope Francis

M.C. Sullivan from the Archdiocese of Boston





Respecting ALL Life

Respecting ALL Life means from womb to tomb. There are many issues which affect all aspects of life that threatens our human dignity if not our very own lives. Abortion is just one of these issues. If someone anti-abortion but favors the death penalty or assisted suicide or fails to support families in fighting domestic abuse or fair wages (so that one may support the family) then that person is not pro-life. To learn more visit these links:

USCCB Human Dignity Page

CCC Respect Life Committee

To learn more about the Cranberry Catholic Collaborative's Respect Life Committee, please call the Parish Offices at 508-947-0444 or pick up a bulletin to see the latest!

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