CCC on a Mission

to Puerto Rico!

CCC on a Mission to Puerto Rico

Many months later and still so much work to be done. Puerto Rico continues to struggle everyday from the devastation that occurred not long ago. This summer, the Cranberry Catholic Collaborative mission group plans on attending our second service project to rebuild homes and restore spirits. Last year we were fortunate to go to the Adirondacks Mountains, this year we hope to go abroad and make a difference in Puerto Rico. The impact we made on a small community last summer has inspired the group to extend our helping-hands to a place that still needs so much assistance. We are hosting several fundraisers this year and are asking for your help once again. Along with fundraisers we have our GoFundMe page below. We just wanted to everyone who supported us last year and to those planning on joining the cause this year! To donate online: 

Letter to Parishioners, Donors and Businesses

On behalf of the Cranberry Catholic Collaborative Youth Mission Team, we are asking for your help in aiding our second service project to Puerto Rico. The island has been demolished from recent natural disasters and still demands restoration. Our team is planning on traveling to Puerto Rico in order to reconstruct homes and rekindle people’s spirits. As part of our fundraising efforts, we need your assistance to endow part of the cost. This donation can change lives. Not only will it inspire more youth in our community to take part in fellowship, but also make a difference in reviving the vigor of the island and the wellbeing of its people. On our past mission trip, we were fortunate enough to visit a small community in Warrensburg, New York. Seeing domestic hardship has influenced the team to extend our helping-hands to a location that craves our presence. In New York, we were able to farm, build, and volunteer in a controlled environment--Puerto Rico offers a new challenge that the group has yet to experience. The devastation that reeked the island, changed the dynamics of life in that small part of the world. The CCC Mission team is depending on your generosity to appertain in changing the world for the better.  

We would like to sincerely thank all who have helped in the past and will continue to support us in the future; we would also like to thank those who plan on donating towards such an impactful cause. Any amount--no matter how small or how large--is a gift that will be indirectly given to a beautiful, deserving, and suffering country. No greater gift can be given than coming together, rekindling mankind, and saving humanity.

In Christ, the CCC Mission Team



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