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Planning a Funeral

For assistance in planning a funeral liturgy please call Holly Clark, Pastoral Assocate,
at 508-947-0444.

The community of the Cranberry Catholic Collaborative shares in your grief as you suffer the loss of a loved one. We hope that you know that the prayers and support of the parish are with you at this difficult time. The death of a loved one can bring about many different feelings and emotions, from the shock and disbelief of sudden, unexpected death to relief when someone who has suffered for a long time is no longer suffering. The Church’s prayer in the Rite of Christian Burial focuses our attention on the mystery of the suffering, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the promise that we, too, and your loved one, are called to share in that gift of new and everlasting life. It is a time in which the Lord gives us comfort, healing and peace. Although we cannot remove your pain, we pledge to you and your family our prayers-- prayers of consolation, prayers of support, and prayers of hope.

In order to assist you in planning the Funeral, we would like to offer you some thoughts and guidelines...

Planning the Funeral Liturgy

The normal context for the Rite of Christian Burial or Funeral Liturgy is within a Mass.  Every Catholic person has a right to the Funeral Liturgy by the mere fact that they are baptized.  The Funeral Liturgy is the prayer of the Church, the people of God, for the person who has died.  The proper place for this to take place is in the church building itself which is where the community gathers for prayer.

If, for good reason and after serious consideration, you should feel that the Funeral Mass is not proper at this time, arrangements may also be made for the Funeral Liturgy without a Mass at the funeral home or the cemetery.  If this is your decision, arrangements will be made to have one of the parish Masses in the near future offered in memory of your loved one.

Family members are encouraged, as much as they are able, to play an active role in the Funeral Liturgy.  This includes  choosing and reading the Scripture selections used at the liturgy.  The placing of the pall on the casket at the beginning of the liturgy, as well as bringing the offertory gifts to the altar are other (non-speaking) ways of being involved.

This booklet will guide you through the Funeral Liturgy and highlights those moments when particular participation is invited. Suggestions for scripture readings and music is provided to assist you in preparing the liturgy. Should you prefer, the readings and/or music selections can be done by the clergy and staff.

Resource Credit: The Cranberry Catholic Collaborative is deeply grateful to Sacred Heart Parish in Quincy, Mass. for alowing us to use and adapt material first published on their website: 


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“Behold, God’s dwelling is with the human race.
He will dwell with them and they will be his people
and God himself will always be with them as their God.
He will wipe every tear from their eyes,
and there shall be no more death or mourning, wailing or pain,
for the old order has passed away.”